Blue Bouyer Lamp


This lamp is a unique piece. It was created from an old Bouyer speaker from the 70s.

  • Color : Blue
  • Materials : Iron
  • Dimensions : H.30 x L.28 x P.12 cm
  • Lighting : LED
  • Date of upcycled product : 70’s

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Through this design and vintage object, the ArtJL brand offers you to opt for sustainable and responsible lighting.

To give a second life to this speaker, to transform it into a lamp, it has been cleaned, sanded, painted and repainted.

A specific lighting system was installed depending on the desired ambiance.

With this lamp, we offer you a very elegant design object, in a minimalist format.

Bright blue finish.

Original creation by ArtJL. Unique model, signed and numbered ArtJL459.

haut parleur bouyer carré artjl vintage avant

When it comes to sound, everyone has heard of the Bouyer brand. This company from the South West of France, founded in 1933, has become a leader in this type of equipment. Among his creations is this speaker.

By transforming it into a lamp, the ArtJL brand continues the history of this object.

Mini Bouyer avantLampe Mini Bouyer blanc design vintage


« After several reassuring discussions, it was with great confidence that I sent my Thermor heater to Jérôme. He knew how to respect my choices and this one very quickly found a second youth in lamp! Today it is a centerpiece of my decor. » (Madame Babiole, Toulouse)

« I set my sights on this ArtJL lamp. It must be said that the concept of this brand is very original. Giving a second life to an object destined to be thrown appealed to me. At a time when everything is perishable, creating a lamp from a cap of a gas cylinder is a real ecological bet. Bravo to Jérôme for this beautiful idea. » (Jessica A., Abu Dhabi)