Green Philips Spot lamp


This lamp is a unique piece. It was created from an old Philips tanning lamp from the 70s.

  • Color : Green
  • Materials : iron, alu, céeramic
  • Dimensions : H.25 x L.18 x P.22 cm
  • Lighting : LED
  • Date of upcycled product : 70’s

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Through this design and vintage object, the ArtJL brand offers you to opt for sustainable and responsible lighting.

To give a second life to this tanning lamp, to transform it into a luminaire, it has been cleaned, sanded, painted and repainted.

A specific lighting system has been installed according to the desired atmosphere.

The “Philips Spot” lamp is adjustable. Enough to allow you to play with the inclination of the light and its intensity.

Matte Laser Green finish, for a pop side for your interior.

Original creation ArtJL. Unique model, signed and numbered ArtJL529.


Philips is one of the major European brands that participated in the expansion of home appliances in the last century. It was created in 1891 in the Netherlands. It owes its name to its founders, the Philips brothers. Initially, it was a manufacture of carbon filament lamps.

In 1914, the company took advantage of the industrial revolution to open its own research laboratory. Many innovations will emerge from this. Among which is this sun lamp from the 60s and 70s.

By transforming it into a lamp, the ArtJL brand continues the history of this object.

Philips Spot avantLampe_philips_spot_verte_led_artjl_1


« When Jérôme showed me his first upcyling of Thermor heaters from the 60s and 70s, memories of childhood immediately resurfaced. Because, it is indeed a Thermor heater which warmed us the winter after the bath, in the bathroom of my grandmother where I lived a time. Also, the idea of ​​reviving this object that would probably have ended up in the recycling center immediately appealed to me. I was able to find the heater that was sleeping in an attic and entrust it to Jérôme who transformed it into a superb ArtJL lamp. The latter now sits prominently in my living room. » (François-René A., Le Mans)

« More than Upcycling, a unique graphic charter, for an exceptional rendering.» (Erik C., Alès)