Calor Custom Aude Brouiller Lamp


This lamp, customized in collaboration with illustrator Aude Brouiller, was produced from an art-deco Calor radiator from the 1930s.

In her creations, Aude B. lingers to speak of raw emotions and captures the sensitive through dreamlike, lively and vibrant scenes.

  • Materials : Bakélite
  • Dimensions : H.38 x L.36 x P.14 cm
  • Lighting : Edison LED
  • Date of upcycled product : 30’s

Free delivery in metropolitan France.

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To give a second life to this radiator, to transform it into a lamp, it has been cleaned, sanded, painted and repainted.

A specific lighting system has been installed according to the desired atmosphere.

With this lamp, you rediscover the history of art deco. It is made of bakelite, a popular material in the 1930s.

Equipped with an Edison LED bulb, it offers you a warm light rendering.

Custom Aude Brouiller / ArtJL

Unique model, signed and numbered ArtJL330.


The history of the Calor brand merges with that of the innovations that have marked the home economy during the last century. This brand was born in 1917. For decades, it created many models of heaters. This one dates from the 60s and 70s.

By transforming it into a lamp, the ArtJL brand continues the history of this object.

Calor Bakélite avantcustom-calor-lamp-bakelite


« I was privileged to be one of the first ArtJL customers. In 2016, the models offered were fewer, but my choice was naturally oriented towards a safe bet: the Petit Thermor. No color for me. I opted for the brushed aluminum model! I find that its metal aspect gives a fairly "class" side. Then it allows me to change my decor to the sandstone of my desires without color constraints. I diffuse its soft light in the corner of my living room. I thus play with the contrasts between with its industrial design and the mahogany wood of my library. » (Elvire B., Bordeaux)

« Blow of heart for this artist who immerses us in the good taste of the vintage years. I am fortunate to own one of his works that I look at in the morning when I wake up and in the evening when I go to bed. And, I never get tired of it. » (Raphael E., Carnon)