France Design Week: the ArtJL brand in the showcase

artjl lampe made in france design week

France Design Week is an event label aimed at giving visibility to the diversity and vitality of French design practices, in a common and shared temporal sequence.

As the creator of ArtJL lamps, I participated in the Vitrines Bleues operation in Montpellier from September 17 to 26, 2021.

Participants in France Design Week undertake through their initiatives to promote innovation and know-how through design – a vector of economic, social, cultural and environmental development – and to make this approach known to as many people as possible.
Find all the commitments of France Design Week and its contributors within the charters.

Under the sponsorship of the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Minister of Culture, the launch of the event took place on September 6 at the Pierre Mendès France Center in Paris Bercy. This inaugural event is a major one for the design ecosystem in France. During the launch, the Occitanie region was represented by Design Occitanie.

With the association Indigo d’oc (designer collective in Occitania), of which I am part, a course in the city center of Montpellier was organized under the name “Vitrines bleues”.

An initiatory stroll to promote local design. 28 shop windows hosted creations. A great experience to share values.

The Lamp petit thermor jaune tibet was welcomed in the beautiful showcase of l’atelier des merveilles. 

artjl lampe made in france design week
artjl lampe made in france design week
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