Delta project: the ArtJL brand joins the last chapter

delta montpellier friche de mimi

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As the creator of the ArtJL lamps, I participated in the last chapter, a masterful 15 minute sequence shot. Find out!

A former carpentry shop acquired in 1923 by Joseph Vergne, the Vergne island became, in the 1990s, a renowned cultural center in the Figuerolles district thanks to his daughter Marie-Louise Vergne, who is nicknamed “Mimi”. At that time, and until her death, “Mimi” offered this 5,000 m2 venue to several artists, theater companies and associations. Thus, for 20 years, the “Mimi wasteland” has been a stronghold of culture and social integration in Montpellier.

Sold to developers, this site – made up of large spaces and hangars – will soon be replaced by 137 housing units and 151 parking spaces.

To mark this turning point, Al Sticking brought the “Delta Project” to this place doomed to demolition. From April to July 2021, nearly 300 artists collaborated on it. Dancers, architects, street artists, designers and even musicians have invested in it week after week. Their performances, filmed and broadcast on the site, gave rise to 12 chapters recounting the past, present and future of this extraordinary place.

delta montpellier artjl friche de mimi
delta montpellier friche de mimi artjl

Alongside some fifty artists from the Montpellier cultural scene, I participated in the final chapter. In a 15-minute sequence shot, several artistic disciplines have followed one another to bring this memorable place to life for the last time. The opportunity for me to show you my work in an original way. In an ex-kitchen, here I am propelled into an improbable workshop to create a designer lamp. Unveiling part of my creative process, surrounded by singers, dancers, street artists, actors, musicians, sportsman, was a strong human experience.

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