The ArtJL lighting brand labeled “Zero Waste Company”

label entreprise zero dechet

Ecology has always been part of ArtJL's DNA. Since this month, our commitment has gone one step further. And we are very happy with it! After an audit of our working methods, tools and processes, the Hérault Chamber of Trades awarded us the "Zero Waste Company" label. This great recognition confirms that our approach in favor of the "upcycled" second hand is the right one!

What is this “Zero Waste Company” label?

This label recognizes companies that implement concrete actions to prevent or reduce their waste. Actions that contribute to the sustainable development of the territory.

The Hérault chamber of trades has set up a certain number of criteria in order to obtain this label. Discover the challenges we took up to win it!

Our challenges achieved to obtain this label.

  • Hardware life : The DNA of the ArtJL brand is to buy electric radiators from the 30s to the 70s intended to be thrown away, obsolete or unused in order to upgrade them and give them a second life as lamps. These are mostly noble materials (chrome, copper, aluminum, iron, enamel, etc.) which are therefore reused and put back on the market thanks to your creations.
  • Sustainable products and equipment : The lamps are systematically equipped with LED bulbs, low consumption.
  • Communication and awareness : ArtJL lights are sold in pop-up shops or fairs that are in the same spirit as the company, namely Made In France, eco-responsible, upcycling. Communication focuses on the ecological and unique aspect of designer lamps.
  • Reasoned packaging : for parcel shipments, use if possible of recovery boxes (provided they are neutral). Partnership with furniture brands.
  • Non-hazardous waste and hazardous waste : the activity generates several kinds of waste, hazardous or non-hazardous. The ArtJL company sorts its waste and even gives it another life. Regarding aerosols, they are taken to the recycling center to be recovered in the right way. Metal waste is taken to the recycling center or given to artists who give them another life.
  • Material efficiency : Purchase of quality equipment and regular maintenance of the various tools in the ArtJL structure.
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