Elge vintage design lamp
Elge vintage design lamp
Elge vintage design lamp
Elge vintage design lamp

Elge lamp


This lamp is a unique piece. It was created from an Elge brand heater from the 1960s.

  • Color : Purple
  • Materials : iron
  • Dimensions : H.35 x L.32 x P.18 cm
  • Lighting : Edison LED
  • Date of upcycled product : 60’s

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Through this design and vintage object, the ArtJL brand offers you to opt for sustainable and responsible lighting.

To give a second life to this heater, to transform it into a lamp, it has been cleaned, sanded, painted and repainted.

A specific lighting system was installed depending on the desired ambiance.

This lamp is fitted with a vintage Edison Bulb bulb. Enough to produce very warm lighting.

A bitacora red color finish was chosen to give a contemporary look to this object.

Original creation by ArtJL. Unique model, signed and numbered ArtJL240.


Elge was a small French brand of fans and electric heaters in the 60s. Among its productions is this heater.

By transforming it into a lamp, the ArtJL brand continues the history of this object.

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« When Jérôme showed me his first upcyling of Thermor heaters from the 60s and 70s, memories of childhood immediately resurfaced. Because, it is indeed a Thermor heater which warmed us the winter after the bath, in the bathroom of my grandmother where I lived for a time. Also, the idea of ​​reviving this object that would probably have ended up in the recycling center immediately appealed to me. I was able to find the heater that was sleeping in an attic and entrust it to Jérôme who transformed it into a superb ArtJL lamp. The latter now sits prominently in my living room. » (François-René A., Le Mans)

« Bright meeting with Jérôme on his ArtJL stand at the Monaco show in October 2017. I am very proud to be the proud owner of a beautiful lamp that lights up my evenings. A choice is essential for a second lamp.» (Laurence B., Arles)