Big Sauter Lamp


This lamp is a unique piece. It was created from an heater of the “Sauter” brand from the 1970s.

  • Colour: Red, White
  • Materials: iron
  • Dimensions: H.19 x W.36 x D.36 cm
  • Lighting: LED
  • Date of the upcycled product: 70’s

Free delivery in metropolitan France.

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Through this designer and vintage object, the ArtJL brand suggests you opt for sustainable and responsible lighting.

To give a second life to this radiator, to transform it into a lamp, it has been cleaned, sanded, painted and repainted.

A specific lighting system has been installed according to the desired atmosphere.

Fitted with an LED bulb, this saucer-shaped lamp diffuses 360-degree light.

A Madird red finish has been chosen to enhance the retro feel of this creation.

You’ll love its completely revamped look from another era.

Original creation by ArtJL. Unique model, signed and numbered ArtJL461.


Founded in Germany in 1919, the Steba family company has 101 years of history! The company has extensive expertise in the development of small household appliances.

A German brand with international influence. By transforming it into a lamp, the ArtJL brand continues the history of this object.

Radiateur Steba rond avantLampe_desin_steba_rond_edison_artjl_6


« A beautiful Calor by ArtJL lamp in a matt white finish stands proudly in my office. Reclining according to my light needs: ideal for my work sessions. Thank you for this bright work. » (Yves D., Beauvais)

« When Jérôme showed me his first upcyling of Thermor heaters from the 60s and 70s, memories of childhood immediately resurfaced. Because, it is indeed a Thermor heater which warmed us the winter after the bath, in the bathroom of my grandmother where I lived for a time. Also, the idea of ​​reviving this object that would probably have ended up in the recycling center immediately appealed to me. I was able to find the heater that was sleeping in an attic and entrust it to Jérôme who transformed it into a superb ArtJL lamp. The latter now sits prominently in my living room. » (François-René A., Le Mans)