POP UP Store Christmas 2021 Arles

pop up store noel artjl 2021 Arles

From December 7 to 24, 2021, I will meet you in Arles (13), on the occasion of the opening of my Christmas POP UP Store.

A great first for the ArtJL brand which invests from December 7 to 24 La Maison Cezar 22 rue du 4 Septembre 13200 Arles.

During these three weeks, I will present my vintage designer lamps from the ArtJL brand. The opportunity to introduce you to my latest creations. All my lamps come from old radiators from the 1930s to the 1970s. A universe ranging from art deco to vintage.

New products will be exhibited including:

Steba round lamp : you will love its retro style, and its pastel green color. This lamp was made from a German Steba radiator from the 1960s. Equipped with an Edison Led bulb, it warmly illuminates the space. Its particularity: its recto / verso lighting which allows the most astonishing light projections on the wall.

Calor rectangle lamp : Created from a Calor radiator from the 70s, this table lamp is adjustable. Enough to allow you to diffuse the light according to your desires. Its matte crimson red color has been chosen to reinforce the vintage aspect of this object and bring pep to your interior.

All my lamps are unique pieces. Made in France, and resolutely eco-responsible, the ArtJL brand invites you to continue the story of an object. Yesterday radiator. Today, light fixture. For lovers of elegant and original interior decoration.


And as a bonus

Contemporary canvases and revisited calligraphy by Jérôme Peyronnet.

Through his original creations, he combines design and contemporary art. Its goal: to allow you to create unparalleled interiors. His paintings offer you an invitation to calligraphy and minimalism. Discover them! www.jeromepeyronnet.com

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