Do you want to buy an industrial lamp to bring a touch of originality to your interior? Find the models of industrial lighting available in the ArtJL range. Within this collection, each industrial lamp is an authentic model patiently recycled from old radiators from the 1930s to the 1970s.


What is the “industrial” style?

An industrial lamp is ideal for a decor with a soft, vintage atmosphere. It recalls the past of factories, small factories or other workshops. A unique character for your interior.

This decorative trend is also called “Factory chic”. Successful combination of metal and elegance.

The ArtJL brand offers you a collection of original and unseen industrial lamps steeped in history. They will fit perfectly into your decor, to give it a chic loft / workshop touch.

Oval, round or square, these industrial luminaires can take various forms. Their sober aesthetic is ideal for lighting a living room, a loft, a store or an office.

Table lamps, living room lamp, desk or bedside lamp ...: how to choose your industrial lamp?

Before choosing your mood lamp, you need to set the desired brightness:

  • With this original lamp, which room in your home do you want to decorate and light up? Are you looking for a table lamp, a bedside lamp, a desk lamp …
  • Are you looking for a functional table lamp that fits easily into private and professional spaces?
  • Or do you want your lamp to be decorative, with a contemporary design in your space?
  • Do you need an accent lamp, a night light to read quietly in your bed, in your office or on your sofa?
  • How do you want to orient your light source?

Depending on your needs, you will find lamps of different sizes in our Online Store :

  • A small lamp can be placed on your bedside table, stool, chest of drawers or coffee table. It can be orientable, adjustable, or even articulated. Useful if it functions as a reading light.
  • A large lamp, a large model, is able to illuminate your interior in a lively, dynamic way, even, like a diffuser, to project light effects on the walls.

Which lighting to choose with your industrial lamp?

Different lights are available in our ArtJL collection.

If you have a “raw” decoration, choose a lamp with a yellow led light bulb with a bulb with visible filaments. You will get a style that is both industrial and modern.

In general, if you want to install it in a living room or a bedroom, opt for warm lighting, for a soft light tending towards yellow (from 1000 to 5000 Kelvins). This will help you create a warm, cocooning atmosphere.

For an office, we recommend that you use natural, clear, white light of around 3,300 to 5,000 Kelvins.

What color to choose with your industrial lamp?

The color of the industrial lamp is essential for a successful decoration. The preferred colors of the industrial style are black, brown, gray, as well as relatively dark colors such as green.

Matte black gives a chic air. A sober and functional design.

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