Are you looking for a design desk lamp? The ArtJL brand offers you several original models: design desk lamp, adjustable or not, with hot or cold lighting according to your light needs to work.Jérôme Peyronnet, craftsman and designer, designs these high-end lamps from old electric heaters from the 30s to the 70s. All are unique pieces. Upcycling made in France.

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Decorative and / or reading: how to choose your design desk lamp?

Before choosing your luminaire, you must define your lighting objectives:

  • Would you like to use this designer lamp as a decorative object on your work table?
  • Do you need it to work, read, surf on your computer?
  • Would you like a lamp for a child’s desk or for your own?
  • Which way do you plan to orient the light source on your desk whether you are right-handed or left-handed?
  • Are you planning to put this lamp on your desk or on a coffee table in your workspace?

Depending on your needs, the desired light intensity will not be the same.

Thus, you will find different types of vintage design lamps in our online store:

  • A large lamp is able to illuminate your desk or, like a diffuser, to project light effects on the walls, thanks to a direct lighting system if it is placed on a coffee table.
  • A small auxiliary lamp, such as a night light, can be placed in a corner of your workspace to provide enough light. What to avoid any glare, not to tire your eyes and to have an optimal visual comfort thanks to indirect lighting.

Art deco, industrial… What is your style for your design desk lamp?

To create an original atmosphere in this space which is very personal to you, several types of table lamps with modern design are available:

  • Art Deco style to remind you of the 1930s,
  • Industrial style if you prefer metal lamps,
  • Scandinavian style if you opt for a minimalist decoration in neutral tones,
  • Or vintage, retro or Italian design.

How do you choose the right lighting for your workstation?

In an office, for optimal lighting, it is advisable to use natural, clear, white light of around 3,300 to 5,000 Kelvin.

If that is not enough, you can opt for a light intensity close to daylight (over 5,300 Kelvin).

And if you only want a reading lamp, choose a lamp with soft, warm, subdued light, tending towards yellow (from 1000 to 5000 Kelvin). It will create a cozy atmosphere.

Some luminaire models are equipped with LED bulbs, low consumption (from 2 to 20 Watts). Several of them have an Edison LED bulb. With LED lighting, there is no heat release.

Design desk lamp: different colors available

Depending on the decoration of your worktop, it is best to choose a lamp in a color already present in your room. Thus, this designer lighting will allow you to make a very elegant, sophisticated touch.

If your decor is monochrome, choose a bright color instead to bring a touch of creativity and originality to your decor.

Here are some decor and color tips for your office:

  • White to bring a burst of shine.
  • Matte black, anthracite, bronze, gray and brushed aluminum to add elegance.
  • Red or blue to energize your interior.
  • Orange to bring a touch of creativity.
  • Green to invite calm and rest.
  • Yellow or beige for a cocooning, warm atmosphere.
  • Purple for a bit of delicacy.

What materials

ArtJL lamps are produced in particular in metal (iron, copper, aluminum, cast iron, steel) or in bakelite, enamel, etc.

Which brands available

From radiators transformed into vintage lamps , you will find the Philips, Calor, Thermor, Peugeot, Kodak brands. Each ArtJL creation is a real decorative object.

The ArtJL brand does not offer wall lights, ceiling lights, suspensions and chandeliers, or halogen.

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