ArtJL unveils its 500th upcycled lamp

Artjl 500 lampes design upcycling

the 500th ArtJL lamp leaves the Montpellier workshop.

Since 2015, I have been hunting all over France looking for old radiators from the 30’s to the 70’s that I could transform into lamps.

Through the ArtJL brand, I have offered you numerous models of upcycled lamps: for your living rooms, your offices, bedrooms…

In 9 years, I have transformed hundreds of small heaters into lamps.

I reveal to you the 500th, created in my Montpellier workshop. This is the lamp Soucoupe Itho !

I am very proud of this event. He emphasizes once again that the ArtJL brand is an ecological brand. I breathed a second life into these hundreds of radiators by transforming them into lamps. This is all recycled material, recovered and not thrown away.

💡 The 500th lamp: zoom on the chosen symbolic model

To create this unique lamp, I chose the model Soucoupe Itho. This model is very rare, and very difficult to find.

In 9 years of ArtJL, I have only offered it three times, in three different colors. Each time this lamp was presented, it was a success and immediate adoption.

So I had to find this saucer-shaped radiator to celebrate my 500th light re-creation. After long months of research…The Holy Grail.

To mark this event, I asked you on social networks to choose the ideal color. Brilliant orange won this vote!

🛠 Behind the scenes of this 500th lamp

Each ArtJL lamp is unique. It is made from a radiator from the 30s to 70s.
As an art craftsman, founder of the ArtJL brand, I take care of all the stages of transformation alone.

The creative process begins with research: I spend a lot of time between flea markets and garage sales looking for the rare gem to transform.

Then comes the time dedicated to its dismantling, cleaning and rebuilt.

Then the time for transformation. On the menu: sanding, painting… A job that requires patience and attention to detail.

Once the object has been restored, I have to choose the ideal lighting: Edison? Led? Hot? Cold ? Ambient or office lighting?

That’s all the time and love it takes to create a designer and eco-responsible lamp.

The advantages of upcycled ArtJL lamps

ArtJL lamps are:

  • Lights that have a story. 70 years ago, our grandparents heated themselves with these radiators… Now, transformed into lamps, they light us up.
  • Unique pieces.
  • Made in France
  • Ecological
  • At affordable prices
  • In different styles and colors.

Discover them here !

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