ArtJL: the eco-responsible lamp

ArtJL Eco-Responsible lamp
ArtJL Eco-Responsible lamp

Do you like ArtJL lamps but do you know their upcycling manufacturing process?

Since 2015, the French brand ArtJL, founded by Jérôme Peyronnet has endeavored to be an actress in upcycling. Unlike recycling, which consists of making new materials from old ones (like recycled paper for example), upcycling aims to give an object a second life by diverting it from its primary function. This trend, dear to interior decorators and designers, values ​​a raw material, an object by giving it a new utility.

Give a second life to old everyday objects from our ancestors

At ArtJL, our leitmotif is to buy old radiators from the 30s to 70s, which have become obsolete, to divert them, transform them into unique design lamps. Our objective :

  • invite you to consume better, in a more sustainable and original way,
  • offer you unique lamps to light your interiors according to your needs.

During the development of these luminaires, we do not produce new materials. We start from the existing to sublimate them. These radiators are often abandoned in cellars and attics, at the end of their life, doomed to destruction. Throwing away chrome, email, iron, aluminum, bronze, bakelite … is real ecological madness.

Thus, they are dismantled, sanded, painted and equipped with a light system … to give them a second life. In the production of these designer lamps, our approach is ethical and eco-responsible. In this transformation of raw materials, in this eco-design, we are committed to limiting our environmental impact.

Against planned obsolescence

Upcycling is also a very poetic current. Thanks to him, we are more interested in the history of objects. By giving a second life to these old radiators, by transforming them into unique lamps, we are continuing their family history.

All of these small heaters appeared with the small appliance industry. It experienced a commercial boom after the Second World War. First considered as luxury products in the 1930s, these heaters were quickly available to everyone, becoming sources of comfort and support in every home.

In the aftermath of these years of (over) consumption, upcycling provides a response to planned obsolescence. Furthermore, in 2018, 75% of French people declared themselves sensitive to the challenges of sustainable development.

With 345 million tonnes of waste per year, France has a source of incredible materials. Revaluing them is therefore a strong act, a challenge, a necessity for the re (creation) of products.

But upcycling remains a marginal practice.

It is with this in mind, and to convey its values, that the ArtJL brand crosses France during fairs and occupies social networks to promote its eco-responsible and Made in France creations. Do not hesitate to come and meet us or contact us to discuss this fascinating subject.

Jérôme Peyronnet
Founder of the ArtJL brand

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