Contemporary canvas calligraphy revisited green
Contemporary canvas calligraphy revisited green
Toile contemporaine art graphique TC17_in situ

Revisited green calligraphy


This canvas is an invitation to graphic art and revisited calligraphy.

On paper, with green India ink.

Dimensions: 43x33cm. Sold framed.

This unique piece will bring an original and elegant touch to your interior.

Free delivery in metropolitan France.

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This canvas pays homage to calligraphy. The graphic gesture here modernizes this ancestral practice.

The clean lines rub shoulders with ideograms. Applied and ordered.

This work will bring a touch of pep and dynamism to your interior.

Sold framed.

Original ArtJL creation. Unique model, signed and numbered TC17.

Contemporary canvas calligraphy revisited green

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150 €


Green, White




43 x 33 cm



“Through calligraphy, I wonder about our way of writing in a digital age. What if this gesture was on the way out? Writing is a bit of giving of yourself. Will our hand still be able to handle the gesture of writing while we spend our time on a keyboard.

In my opinion, it is important to safeguard the practice of our scriptures. The letter link is always stronger than an SMS. It's an art.

In these paintings, I therefore pay tribute to these ancient scriptures. I appropriated them by rewriting them with my own encoding.

CEach painting contains a mystery to decipher. Passing a message through a code is exciting. It goes beyond the work. There is an enigma to decipher. The canvas is not simply looked at, it questions.”

Jérôme Peyronnet

« I proudly display this ArtJL canvas in my living room. This unique work was produced by Jérôme Peyronnet. I am super happy with the result. » (Tony C., Alès)

« Seduced by an ArtJL polychrome canvas, I was lucky enough to be able to exhibit it in my living room and the rendering is top notch. Thank you ! » (Julien C., Uzès)